Ebay auctions containing misspellings and typos (known as 'fatfingers' listings) get less views, less bids and so sell for less. Grab a bargain today !

eBay Typo hunting - all you need to know

eBay auctions containing typos are a myth, aren't they ?

Absolutely not. Some of the spelling mistakes you see on eBay aren't mistakes at all. Some users try to squash too much information in to their auction titles, often exceeding the 65 character limit. As a result they abbreviate words and inadvertantly introduce typos. If you still don't believe us, then check out this search for Motorola on eBay.com.

But I've heard that all misspelled items on eBay are fakes ?

Well you're wrong. Whilst there are definately fake goods on eBay the vast majority of misspelled auction items are genuine. One of the better ways to spot fakes goods is to check the sellers feedback. If the seller has a low feedback score you should be wary because there is a chance that the seller has only recently created that account. This could be perfectly innocent: they may have only recently signed up or they may have had to create a new account. Our advice is to check the sellers feedback, if they have a lot of negative feedback then avoid them.

Why do brand name searches work best ?

Because if someone is going to sell a brand name item, then they will usually put the brand name in the auction title. Very general searches like 'vintage star wars characters' won't find many results. However, searching for 'star wars' will.

How come this site is free to use ?

Because we are an eBay affiliate. Each time someone makes a purchase that came from this site we get paid a small commission. It's not a lot but it does help to allow us to keep this service free.

Frequently Asked Questions

A free website that allows you to find fat finger auctions and typos ? It may sound too too good to be true but it's not.

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